All the Travel Accessories That Are Highly Relevant in 2021

Like many among us (based on how busy the airport was), I just took my first flight in over a year, and it was something. Among the thoughts I had were the following: I can't believe I used to ride in airplanes without a mask on, why is no one else wiping their seat down with a Clorox wipe, and I've never been on a flight with this little coughing. (Seriously, no one coughed.) While I digress a bit, the point I'm making is that things were different but also the same. I found that to also be the case when it came to what I packed for the trip.

Most of us are, understandably, rusty when it comes to packing for a trip these days. I've never been a very efficient packer, but I found it to be especially challenging this time, as I tried to remember the travel accessories I always need en route and what new-era items I'd need. Now that I have a little more perspective than I did a week ago, keep scrolling to shop my first-person list.

If you're anxious about traveling again, pack a silky eye mask to help you fall asleep.

With food service still limited on many flights and with many airport restaurants closed, don't forget to pack your own snacks.

I wore a KN95 mask on the plane, and it was very comfortable.

If you don't think a small bottle of hand sanitizer will do the trick, keep in mind that you can now bring up to a 12 oz. bottle in your carry-on.

If it's a quick trip, this hand sanitizer spray is great, as it takes up minimal room.

This highly rated CBD balm is perfect for travel.

For keeping your mask and sunglasses handy while en route.

A little extra sun protection can't hurt.

Speaking of sun protection, this one is excellent.

Whether you're a new germaphobe or you've been a germaphobe for life, you've probably realized that you should keep your shoes away from the rest of your belongings.

Just in case you forgot how bad hotel bathroom lighting can be…

Your emotional support animal will thank you.

If you don't want to be without your favorite hair tools when traveling, you don't have to be.

Everything you need in one chic place.

The reviews for this pillow are great, and therefore, I'm intrigued.

Allow me to introduce you to this chic new luggage brand.

A very cute carry-on tote for your consideration. 

You never know when you're going to need this.

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