These 2000s Shoe Trends Have Officially Infiltrated 2021

Shoe trends change every season, but as is usually the case with fashion's cyclical nature, certain styles tend to return—with quite a vengeance, too. You're probably well aware of the fact that the platform flip-flops of the late '90s and early '00s and the cool, boho-inspired platforms of the '70s are back and better than ever in 2021. But what you may have missed is that, in addition to these bygone decades, there are several 2000s shoe trends that have infiltrated every fashion girl's closet this season as well.

Yep, if you just so happened to keep any of the shoes you used to wear in high school (hoarders, this may actually work in your favor), now may finally be the time to dust them off and take them out for another spin because the biggest styles of the early aughts are here to stay for the summer. We're talking clear shoes, platform mules, and platform flip-flops as well as a handful of cool sneakers that are bound to conjure up thoughts of the 2000s skater scene.

Ready to learn all about the 2000s shoe trends that are still so relevant today? Then read on to see how fashion girls are wearing them now and to shop the most popular styles.


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Yep, those platform slides that you wore all throughout middle school have slowly been reemerging in the street style scene. Enter Steve Madden's latest shoe release (lots of platforms slides and flip-flops)—the style is officially back and better than ever.


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High-tops from the likes of Nike and Converse have been favorites for years, but the classic 2000s sneakers have officially cemented themselves as It shoes in 2021, with celebs like Bella Hadid keeping them on rotation.


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If you ask us, there's no single shoe trend that's more iconic from the Y2K era than heeled thongs, and right now, the elevated flip-flops are quite possibly the biggest sandal trend of the moment.


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Just about everyone owned a pair of kitten heels in the 2000s. Black was a classic, but neon-colored or embellished ones were also very popular. Today, they're so ubiquitous that they're basically staples in our shoe wardrobes.


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Metallic, holographic, and clear heels were a major shoe trend in the early aughts. Now, the style has been favored by the likes of the Kardashians and Kate Bosworth, to name a few, and just about every designer has released their take on the 2000s classic. 


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Platform loafers are an unlikely 2000s shoe trend that has returned with a vengeance two decades later. Wear them with white socks if you really wanna channel the early aughts.


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The cousin to classic slip-on mules, platform flip-flops are officially back thanks to the S/S 21 runways and plenty of options, from designer brands to affordable labels.


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Take a look at any red carpet event from the aughts, and you'll see clingy mid-calf boots were a favorite footwear pick among the era's stars. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton.


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The '90s trend was still very popular in the 2000s, too. To no surprise, the barely-there style has cemented itself as one of the top shoe styles of the summer.

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