How can I upgrade my wardrobe without maxing out my credit card?

How can I upgrade my wardrobe without maxing out my credit card?

If there's one thing massively annoying about the fashion world at large, it's that there's often this idea that you have to drop thousands of dollars on the perfect handbag to really boast a certain level of style. But it's just not true! There are tons of approachable and affordable options out there--and we're on a mission to help you upgrade your style without breaking the bank.

We enrolled the masterful help of celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott to share their wisdom with us—and you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to upgrade your style without dropping a ton of cash.

Scroll down to see 5 items you can buy on a budget that will instantly upgrade your style!

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    An Ear Cuff

    This brings edge to your overall look. Pair with jeans or even a floral dress.

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    Nasty Gal Leaf Me Alone Earring ($18)

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    Bing Bang Baguette Spike Ear Cuff ($80)

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    Meredith Hahn Petra Ear Cuff ($40)

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    ASOS Leaf Vine Ear Cuff ($24)

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    A Little Printed Jacket

    Throw this over a simple or graphic tee or instead of a basic black blazer to really ramp up the impact!

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    Front Row Shop Faux Leather Jacket in Floral ($109)

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    French Connection Geo Daisy Crop Jacket ($140)

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    Running Shoes

    Turn any outfit into something sporty and on-trend.

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    Adidas Vulc Star Lo Sneaker ($70)

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    Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

    These add color and are cool in an interesting, fun way!

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    Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirrored Sunglasses ($98)

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    Komono Riviera ($60)

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    Le Specs Hey Macarena ($60)

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    A Faux-Fur Clutch

    Adding this textured trend elevates any look!

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    Harvey Faircloth Faux Fur Clutch ($225)

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    Zara Furry Clutch Bag ($36)

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