This Is Exactly How to Wear Flats When You're Under 5'2"

Lauren Eggertsen

When you are on the shorter side, flats can be extremely intimidating. Personally, even though I am confident and comfortable with my 5'3" height, I will consistently choose to wear something with heels over a pair of flats because a few extra inches couldn't hurt me. However, over the years, I have learned that when you do choose to wear flats, there are ways to appear taller than you actually are (trust me on this one).

Being aware of little details like color, cut, strap placement, and hemlines makes all the difference on a shorter frame, allowing you to look and walk taller. The hope is that by relaying these tips to you, you will be able to feel just as confident wearing a pair of flats as you do in a pair of heels.

Keep reading for our must-know tips on how to wear flats when you're on the shorter side!

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