Dressing for Your Age Is Officially Outdated—and These 11 Women Prove It

by Olivia Lidbury

There’s no memo that goes around saying you can’t wear denim cutoffs when you hit 30 and no rule that come 40, your arms should be covered up. Sure, outré displays of flesh have a time and a place, but forgoing loud prints just because you have wrinkles? Forget it. The idea of dressing for your age is officially outdated, and we’ve found the women to prove it.

The most stylish dressers out there know you don’t have to give up split pencil skirts when you become a grandma or only entertain beige cashmere cardigans after you turn 80. Instead, they’ve made their non-negotiable style signature part of their DNA. These attributes have retailers and makeup artists eager to collaborate and bottle their style and sell it to the masses.

So next time you’re wondering if you’re “too old” for something, stop right there. If you love it and it makes you feel good, go for it, no questions asked. There’s no such thing as dressing your age, so just dress like yourself. Scroll through the pictures below for the ultimate self-pleasing dressers.

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