The 50-Something Instagrammer With Better Style Than All of Us Put Together

Instagram isn't just a space for 20-something DJ-slash–fashion bloggers anymore, as there are countless influencers over 40 who are just as influential. Style is now finally truly recognized as being ageless, and 50-something Instagrammer Grece Ghanem shows that whatever decade you were born in, you can pull off neon trousers and zebra mesh tops.

Grece might dress like she's on the front row at fashion week every single day, but her day job hasn't always been in the fashion industry—she's a personal trainer based in Montréal. Grece has a real ability to make intimidating trends look timeless and wears bright colors and animal print better than anyone else I follow. Her 2020 look revolves around colorful knits, wide-leg statement trousers, mesh printed tops and pleated skirts, but she also has a knack for making simple outfits look impactful. One of my favorite Grece looks is flared jeans with a blue Oxford shirt.

Keep scrolling to see the styling tricks we're taking from Grece.


Lilac Minidress + Hoop Earrings
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Lemon Suit + White Loafers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Knee-High Boots + Floral Smock Dress
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Neon Trousers + Backless Sweater
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Pink Sweater + Red Trousers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Mesh Printed Top + Purple Trousers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Pink Coat + Pink Trousers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Leopard Cardigan + Beige Trousers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Green Sweater + Cargo Trousers
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Leather Shirt + Red Lipstick
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Pink Sweater + Green Skirt
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


White T-Shirt + Dark Jeans
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Back-to-front Cardigan + Green Skirt
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Pale Blue Shirt + Flared Jeans
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Linen Trousers + Printed Shirt
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)


Zebra Shirt + Printed Skirt
(Image credit: Grece Ghanem)

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Emma Spedding