7 Things You Need to Give Up to Be More Stylish

Allyson Payer

Knowing what to do to be more stylish can be a bit elusive. Sometimes you just need to hear tangible advice that can help you reach your full style potential. With the new year quickly approaching, it got us thinking about the steps that a fashion-loving girl can take to reach her full style potential in 2017. And while we're all for advice on what to wear to look more stylish, sometimes it's helpful to get a little guidance pertaining to what not to wear

With this in mind, we compiled a constructive list of seven things that can easily be achieved to dress better in the new year. While it's most important to wear what you love and feel most confident in, just a few subtle wardrobe tweaks can give your wardrobe a boost that will make your outfits even better, thus improving your confidence and satisfaction with said outfits. From the shoe styles to toss out to the type of skinny jeans to avoid, these are the sevem things to give up to be more stylish (and what to swap them for). Keep scrolling to see them all and shop pieces that will give your wardrobe a major boost.

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