East Coast Weather Is So Confusing RN–Here's What I'm Wearing to Combat It


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As I write this, it's currently snowing in New York City. Yesterday, it was almost 50 degrees, and next week it's supposed to get up to 65 after a weekend ranging in the low 30s. As a newcomer to the East Coast, it's safe to say I am confused. Confused by this changing weather, confused by real winter, but mostly confused about what to wear. 

We're officially coming up on March, which means hopefully the warmer weather starts to stick around. I'm really excited about it, but the reality is that we're just not there yet. And as much as I'd love to start dressing for spring, it's still impractical at this point. But believe me when I say I'm very ready to retire my winter coat, which is why I'm looking ahead to spring and starting to incorporate brighter, lighter pieces into my wardrobe. As the seasons transition, I'm looking forward to putting away my dark turtlenecks and long underwear and instead brightening up my look with outfits that will still keep me warm enough without feeling drab.

Below I've put together five outfits I'm planning to wear over the next few weeks, hopefully sans parka. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite transition pieces.

Outfit #1

Nothing screams "ready for warm weather" like a bunch of bright pieces mixed together. Our outfits tend to take a turn toward muted gray and black hues during the winter, but it's officially appropriate timing to start bringing out brighter pieces for the months ahead.

Outfit #2

Layering is an essential part of transitional dressing. On slightly warmer days, you can get away with wearing a light coat with plenty of layers underneath. I especially love the idea of wearing a subtle animal print as the bottom layer that peeks out.

Outfit #3

Mixing one standout piece with other basics is an easy way to transition your wardrobe without buying an entirely new outfit. 

Outfit #4

A cozy jacket, soft sweater, and sneakers make the perfect comfortable weekend outfit combination. Try a pair of standout socks to add an extra dimension to your warmer-weather look.

Outfit #5

This casual office look can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a warmer coat (for chillier days). Try a turtleneck under your sweater if it's still too cold for one layer.

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Emily Greenberg