20 Products for Your Winter Routine If You Take Skincare Very, Very Seriously

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Well, readers, we finally made it. We’ve reached the part of winter where regular skincare products just won’t cut it. Even here in sunny Los Angeles—where, I admit, I walked my dog earlier this afternoon in jeans and a T-shirt and only felt the slightest bit chilly—the past month or so has done a real number on my complexion. Is it the dry air? The stress of the impending holiday season? The admittedly lax skincare routine I’ve "developed” during these work-from-home end times?

Whatever the reason, I’ve decided it’s time to call in the big guns (read: Who What Wear’s most skincare-obsessed editors). After taking a peek at their vanities and curating a list of their must-have winter beauty buys, I feel a bit more optimistic about turning this whole situation around. Read on for a complete rundown on the must-haves I’ll be slathering, rolling, spraying, and patting into my skin all season long, all of which come recommended by colleagues who take their skincare very, very (very) seriously. Best of all, all of the products are available at Macy’s, so you can scoop them up in one trip.