Yes, Winter Rompers Are a Thing—Here's How to Wear Them

Hear the term “winter rompers” and wonder what we could possibly be talking about? You’re not alone. There’s an inherent irony in the indication that a strictly warm-weather one-piece be outfitted for the freezing temperatures of winter. But when it comes to discovering the underrated ways to breathe new life into our pieces that don't get as much attention, we’ll gladly flex our knowledge.

Wearing a one-piece this time of year comes down to its ability to—you guessed it—layer. Fashion girls will be layering thin turtlenecks, sweaters, and blouses under their rompers this time of year, and for those in climates that require extra warmth, throwing on a cozy teddy jacket or a classic blazer will do the trick. However, not all jumpsuits and rompers are made equally. Right now, we’re loving styles that reference old-school boiler suits with utility-style detailing and pieces in all shades of neutral tones.