How to Do Festival Dressing When You Aren't 22 Anymore

There's a big difference between attending a music festival when you're in your teens and early 20s versus when you have a few more years under your belt. As a veteran festivalgoer, you've previously mastered the "roughing it" phase and are now glad to leave the dirt, air mattresses, and lack of showers behind. You're able to enjoy a mellower festival experience, so why shouldn't your style evolve accordingly? Deciding what to wear to a summer concert or festival as an adult should be straightforward.

We fully support the fact that the ideal festival outfit is a personal choice—nothing is truly off-limits, no matter your age. That being said, as we all get older, we learn from our mistakes (including a terrible sunburn or two). Now, heading to an outdoor concert or a weekend-long festival is a chance to wear outfits that don't only look amazing but are actually comfortable too. Which is why we're leaving our festival pieces of yesteryear behind and are going for a major style upgrade.

So what are the pieces on our must-own list for those of us who are ready to embrace effortless (and painless) festival style? Check them all out below!