How to Do Festival Dressing When You Aren't 22 Anymore

There's a big difference between attending a music festival when you're in your teens and early 20s versus when you have a few more years under your belt. As a veteran festivalgoer, you've previously mastered the "roughing it" phase and are now glad to leave the dirt, air mattresses, and lack of showers behind. You're able to enjoy a mellower festival experience, so why shouldn't your style evolve accordingly? Deciding what to wear to a summer concert or festival as an adult should be straightforward.

We fully support the fact that the ideal festival outfit is a personal choice—nothing is truly off-limits, no matter your age. That being said, as we all get older, we learn from our mistakes (including a terrible sunburn or two). Now, heading to an outdoor concert or a weekend-long festival is a chance to wear outfits that don't only look amazing but are actually comfortable too. Which is why we're leaving our festival pieces of yesteryear behind and are going for a major style upgrade.

So what are the pieces on our must-own list for those of us who are ready to embrace effortless (and painless) festival style? Check them all out below!

Bomber Jackets



Festivals are notorious for hot days and cool evenings, and as you've survived more festivals, you've learned it's better to be prepared. Pack a chic bomber jacket and you'll be ready to maximize your time listening to music.




The best festival looks are equal parts practical and chic. Overalls are a cute alternative to jeans, but they also happen to be remarkably practical. Style them with a cute cropped top and you'll be good to go.




Sneakers are a popular festival choice no matter your age, but now that attending a festival is a more put-together affair, it's okay to break out fashionable styles that—while they may get a bit dusty—won't be trashed by the time the weekend is over.




You've upgraded your festival style, and your accessories should be no different. Try a cool fashion-forward bag that is practical, yes, but will look great in the pictures too.

Statement Kimonos



Good news: You've mastered the art of packing light—reworking simple basics by adding one little something extra. Try topping simple jean cutoffs and a T-shirt with a statement topper. It's an easy way to get maximum mileage out of your pieces.

White Dresses



While you may have once tried sheer dresses or body-con styles, these days it's all about pulling off a cool look that won't require tons of fussing. White dresses are actually anything but simple.



Collage Vintage

These days, there are plenty of crochet pieces that don't feel too slouchy or overly "boho". We recommend pairing crochet with something structured to give it a more fashion-forward feel.

Jean Shorts



Leave teeny-tiny cutoffs behind—we're major fans of cool high-waisted styles instead. 

Midi Wrap Dresses 



Super-short minidresses take too much work. Instead, we love the cool feel of a wrap midi dress. It's a festival look you'll want to wear afterward too.

Available in sizes XXS to XL. 

Now you're all set for your next summer concert or festival. 

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