How to Style the Retro Pants That Are Coming Back

Retro seems to be the new normal these days, with styles like flare jeans and round sunglasses more popular than ever. In particular, it's the retro-chic vibe of the '70s that keeps delivering the coolest must-have trends time and again. It's the decade that keeps on giving, with designers pulling various bits of inspiration from its iconic look each season. Right now corduroy is having a moment, and the '70s-inspired fabric feels so right in all the coolest fall outfits. But the question of how to go about styling a pair of corduroy pants without looking like an extra in That '70s Show is another story. Corduroy pants are inherently autumnal in nature, so to test the waters of the style, lean into that rich fall color palette, and opt for a pair in burgundy, mustard, or brown. High-waisted, cropped, and flare cuts all look ultra cool with a corduroy finish, and if there's one styling trick that's worth knowing, it's about pairing corduroy pants with a knit sweater or lightweight turtleneck.

Almost ready to jump the gun on the retro pair? Keep reading to see what to wear with corduroy pants to bring the '70s style into 2017.