What to Wear to an October Wedding

what to wear to an October wedding



While technically, wedding season takes place over summer (June is often the most popular month), another historically popular time for couples to say "I do" is October. The weather is just getting nice and crisp, the leaves are turning, and romance is definitely in the air. All that is fine and swell, but dressing for such an affair as a guest can be a tad tricky. It's often too cold for your go-to slip dresses, and strappy sandals are pretty much out of season. What's a stylish guest to do?

Let the professionals help you with this task. Keep scrolling to see, once and for all, the best tactics for dressing for an October wedding (ideally a socially distanced and masked ceremony, of course). 

Think in jewel tones: deep reds, purples, and oranges.

Rich jewel tones are never a bad idea, and with shades like bold red dominating seasonal trends, they're also quite timely. All ranges of jewel colors are particularly appropriate for formal occasions like weddings, where a more elevated look is called for.

October wedding outfit ideas



Don't wear open-toe shoes.

It's likely a bit chillier, so open-toe shoes might not be a practical choice. Plus, the style tends to be less dressy, in general, and the season calls for a closed-toe iteration, like classic pumps or statement shoes.

Bring a sleek scarf or sweater.

This one is crucial: If you are attending a wedding in October, don't let your outerwear be an afterthought. Having a sleek yet functional shawl or throw will come in handy if the party moves outside. 

Reach for luxe fabrics like velvet, satin, and silk.

No matter your style preference, if there's one universal go-to for fall wedding dressing, it's luxe fabric. This season is all about velvet, satin, silk, and lace. Get in on the trend and turn heads with eye-catching materials that are plenty dressy for the occasion.

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