#AddtoCart: 15 Travel Essentials Your Suitcase Is Begging For

By the time the cherry blossoms have bloomed and fallen, and oysters become ubiquitous on happy hour menus as $5 rosé, most of us only have one thing on our minds: summer vacation. For those who are still lucky enough to enjoy a few blissful months of sheer uninterrupted laziness, we suggest spending as much time as possible by the water, preferably with said rosé in hand, wearing an Instagram-worthy skirt. While we can’t help with the first two, we can point you toward H&M for the latter.

Our go-to brand for trendy wares is chock-full of friendly pieces ready to fuel your wanderlust. We’ve scouted our top picks based on your upcoming voyage to make packing a breeze and keep your suitcase light. Whether you’re embarking on an outdoor adventure of hiking and glamping; wandering cobblestone streets of an ancient city; or seeking the perfect balance of R&R and nightlife in a trendy beach town, your next vacation calls for a fabulous outfit roster.

Ahead, see our top 15 picks to #AddtoCart now for that picture-perfect summer vacation. Your future working self will thank you.

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