Miami's Coolest Shop Owners Can't Keep These Trends in Stock

Up until a month ago, I wouldn’t have considered myself a novice when it came to Miami. I didn’t grow up there nor did I live there during college, but considering it’s a quick flight from NYC, Miami had become a go-to vacation spot for me over the past several years. And just in case I was getting a bit too confident with how familiar I was, I finally visited the Miami Design District and was quickly proved wrong.

To be totally transparent, MDD hosted me for a couple days to check out what this area of Miami—not necessarily the shores of South Beach, where you’d typically find me—had to offer as far as fashion goes. Not only did that include (window) shopping to my heart’s content at Céline and Miu Miu but also getting a closer look at which fashion trends these dream stores can barely keep on the shelves.

And if you initially assumed that Miami style leaned toward flat sandals and the most literal definition of “resort wear”—like I did—you’d be wrong. Instead, along with the sand, the parties, and a bustling art scene that includes next week’s kick off of Art Basel, there’s a style POV that’s unique to the 305, and it has less to do with bathing suits than expected.

With this in mind, I went straight to the experts of Miami style—those who work within the luxury Design District stores—to break down a few of the trends and items that customers are constantly asking for. Get ahead of the trends below.


Christian Louboutin


Miu Miu


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This press trip was paid for by the Miami Design District. Editors' opinions are their own.