7 Trends Fashion Insiders Are Ditching Come September


Collage Vintage

No one wants to admit it, but industry insiders—from editors to influencers—have abandoned thoughts of summer and now have Fashion Month squarely on the brain. With New York Fashion Week less than 30 days away, now is the time to get ahead of shopping the coolest fall trends. But there's always a bit of disparity when it comes time to translate what hits the runway into something you can wear IRL. Sure, small sunglasses or cowboy boots may seem cool in theory, but not everyone is quite ready to take them seriously.

So what is it that those ahead of the curve will be wearing in the coming months? Below seven insiders share their insight into exactly what they're buying and holding off on as fall approaches. With thoughts on everything from the next It accessory to the most flattering hues for fall, you'll have plenty of inspiration for what to add to your must-have list for the near future. And while choosing which trends to pass on is obviously something everyone has to decide for themselves (and not all of us will agree, as you'll see below), it's helpful to hear why those setting the trends are choosing not to cherry-pick the pieces you may have been considering. Read on for a full breakdown.

Now you're all set with which trends to try (and which to skip) this fall!