I'm Bored With My Skinny Jeans… What Should I Do?

Skinny jeans are the bread and butter of our wardrobes: They’re such a fundamental part of our fashion diet that we can’t imagine going without them. While we editors all agree that we need a pair (or three) in our wardrobes at all times, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our issues with this go-to style. Chiefly, how are skinny jeans meant to snugly fit in all the right places when we come in such different shapes and sizes? Why do they always gap at the waist? Why do we have to choose between jeans too stiff to get over our calves and way-too-stretchy denim that’s not capable of making our butts look great? Well, fall has confirmed that skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, so we’ve decided it’s time for us to get this wardrobe staple right…

In our final installment of Denim Dilemmas, we answer three of your major skinny-jean issues—and as an added bonus, we found the perfect pair that ticks all the boxes. See why these jeans are our new favorites.

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