50 Easy Ways to Relax—Because You Deserve It


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Taking a moment out of your day to re-center yourself and breathe does wonders for your body and mind. There's science behind it, too. According to the Mayo Clinic, "Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems, such as heart disease and pain." The health benefits of relaxation techniques seem endless, from lowering blood pressure to improving digestions to increasing blood flow to major muscles.

While there are different relaxation techniques out there, some of which include tensing and relaxing muscles, visualization, and deep breathing, people might have a variety of methods they like to use that calms them. Whatever relaxes you, go with that—every person is different, so what works for you might not work for someone you know. 

In honor of National Relaxation Day (August 15), we rounded up some of our favorite methods to relax. Try some out below and let us know what you do to relax by sending us a message or comment on @thethirty on Instagram.


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1. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing: Even if it's just for a minute, being mindful of your breathing can help re-center yourself.

2. Listen to some music while sitting in a comfy chair or lying down: Preferably something that's soothing, but whatever works for you.


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5. Take a walk outside: One of our editors likes to take some wine to go in a tumbler and take a walk around her neighborhood.

6. Get a massage: Since you can't exactly get a professional massage right now, try to stretch it out or use a personal massager.


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13. Bake: For some people, baking is a de-stressor. Cooking can also help, too.

14. If you find yourself surrounded by people, find a quiet place to be alone: This can mean some alone time in your car, stepping outside for a few minutes, closing your bedroom door, or going on a solo hike.


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15. Take a bath: A relaxing bath is peak self-care, but if you don't have enough time for one, a quick shower can be refreshing, too.

16. Go on a bike ride: Maybe not on busy streets, but around your neighborhood park where it's much quieter.


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17. Practice yoga: This will help you stretch and breathe.

18. Watch a TV show: Particularly one that makes you feel good and light, like a 30-minute comedy.

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21. Listen to an audiobook or podcast: There are so many out there, choose whichever one might entertain or inspire you.

22. Slowly tense and relax each muscle group: This is also known as progressive muscle relaxation.


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27. Stretch: Loosen your muscles, especially if you hold tension in certain parts of your body, like the shoulders.

28. Sing: Out loud if you feel like it.


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29. Work out: This helps if exercising is a stress reliever for you.

30. Clean or organize: If you can't relax because of a cluttered space or mess around you, take a few minutes to organize that space. Visual clutter can be stressful for some people.


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31. Talk to a friend or family member in person or on the phone: Sometimes being able to talk out your problems or just hear about someone else's day can get your mind off things or ease your stress or anxiety.

32. Repeat some positive mantras or phrases: They can help you feel more confident and relaxed.


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43. Cuddle with your pet: They're just so comforting and won't force you to talk if you don't feel like it (unlike human beings).

44. Take in the view: Whether it's just looking out the window or watching the sunset, a change of scenery (even without leaving your spot) is so refreshing.


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45. Garden or tend to your plants: Gardening has a calming effect on some people.

46. Chill or warm a face towel: Use it to wipe your face, or cover your face with it for a few minutes. Or you can use it on your body, kind of like when they give you a warm towel on an airplane to refresh.


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49. Move your face muscles: This can relieve tension, especially if you've tightened your jaw.

50. Use pressure points: Some people believe that focusing on pressure points can relieve headaches and stress.

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