5 Tricks to Make Your $35 Shoes Look Triple the Price

Nothing delights us more than finding (or designing) a great pair of stylish and affordable shoes. There's no shame in adding budget-friendly finds to your footwear collection; in fact, we encourage it. Today, we're not only sharing our favorite under-$35 shoes—we're revealing the easiest ways to keep your kicks in prime condition. From owning the proper cleaning care to a DIY trick that's life changing, if you're a fan of fast-fashion footwear, these hacks are just for you. Be sure to test out each trick and score the most stylish under-$35 shoes at the end.

Keep reading to find out the five ways to make your $35 shoes look triple the price.


1. Take the time to care.
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Taking good care of your budget-friendly shoes is the easiest way to ensure they last and triple their life span at that. This $3 shoe shine sponge works wonders, and its small compact is great for traveling.


2. Forget flashy features and go for something simple.
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Try this DIY trick to make your shoes look triple the price.


3. Opt for faux suede to instantly elevate inexpensive shoes.
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Above any other affordable fabric, faux suede and like materials fool the eye and looks the most luxe.


4. Wear a pair of stylish socks or fishnets for fresh feel.
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This simple styling trick is a great way to freshen up an outfit and make your budget-friendly shoes look way chicer.


5. Always be sure they fit.
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