This Type of Makeup Is the Secret to Faking Dewy Skin

That plump, dewy look is in, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But how can you get your skin to glow and radiate when it's far from it? You might be dealing with breakouts, dullness, dryness, etc. Well, you can try a number of skincare products and change up your routine for that, but if you want to get the look ASAP, there are ways to fake it with your makeup. Yes, it's all about makeup magic and using the right products.

One type of makeup that can get you that dewy look is water-based products. They're exactly what you would assume—products in which the main ingredient is water. "They are super natural looking, so if a 'second-skin' effect is your goal, reach for a water base!" says makeup artist Jen Tioseco. And because they have water as the key ingredient, the formulas can be hydrating, breathable, and lightweight.


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Tioseco says water-based makeup works well on both dry and oily skin types, which sounds perfect to me because those types might find it hard to get that plump, dewy look. When it comes to prepping the skin, Tioseco says you'll want to make sure your moisturizer and/or primer is oil-free. "Oil and water don't mix, and doing so can cause your foundation to sit on top of the skin and break apart," she explains.

As for application, how you put it on depends on the type of finish and coverage you prefer. For a sheer finish, Tioseco suggests using your fingers. For more coverage, grab a dense kabuki brush.

Want to test our a water-based formula for yourself? Take a look at some options below.

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