This Vitamin Is Essential for Healthy Hair and Skin, and It's So Easy to Use

When it comes to healthy skin and hair, there are a lot of ingredients that can help both really thrive. We know biotin (a B vitamin) can help with hair growth and strength. Vitamin A (like retinoids) is the holy grail when it comes to anti-aging protection and reviving dull skin. Zinc can also help relieve some of the redness and irritation caused by acne.

There's also vitamin E, which is a powerful nutrient that protects both the skin and hair. "It is a natural antioxidant which helps to protect the skin and hair from external factors such as pollution, free radicals, and harmful UV rays," explains dermatological nurse and celebrity aesthetician Natalie Aguilar. "It also acts as a natural humectant and helps to soothe and hydrate the skin and scalp. It helps by retaining moisture and may reduce inflammation. It can also help repair dry, damaged hair. It's also a wonderful natural preservative alternative that's used in both skin and hair products."


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In the beauty world, vitamin E normally comes in the form of an oil. "Vitamin E can be naturally derived or synthetically made," Aguilar says. "When sourced naturally, vitamin E is extracted from plants or seeds. It can also be made synthetically in a lab." When shopping for vitamin E oil, she recommends looking for organic options.

Most people can benefit from vitamin E oil, especially those with dry skin. "It's great for helping to retain moisture for dry or mature skin types," Aguilar explains. "It also helps to soothe those with reactive and sensitive skin. When it comes to ingesting vitamin E, it's always a great idea to nourish your body with a well-balanced diet that's high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. If you would like to incorporate a supplement, always seek advice from your healthcare professional."


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If you want to try out vitamin E oil or a skincare product with vitamin E, do a spot test first to see if you notice any irritation or an allergic reaction. For application, Aguilar recommends applying a thin layer of the oil before bed (only as needed) for extra hydration to help repair the skin overnight.

Take a look at some skincare and haircare products with vitamin E below if you want to try it out for its hydrating and soothing benefits.

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