How to Style a Vintage Band Tee While Staying True to Your Style

Over the years of style-stalking celebrities and influencers, vintage fashion has always had a wow factor for me, and in my view, it's what makes an outfit really interesting. It's easy to shop a head-to-toe look from your favourite retailer or designer, but what really stands out is the ability to mix high and low, old with new, and incorporate different levels and contrast in an outfit. Hand me any vintage piece from any era and I wouldn't usually have a hard time putting an outfit together. But give me a vintage band tee, and I might need a while. I'll be the first one to admit that I don't normally reach for a grunge aesthetic. You'll always find me in skirts and lipstick, and rarely ever in leather and logos. The furthest from my style I'll go would be to wear cropped black jeans. And I'll draw a line at choker necklaces. In saying that, there are ways around styling one of the old time favourites: The vintage band T-shirt. It all comes down to working it into your personal style.

Part of what makes these T-shirts so appealing is the "vintage" look to the outfit. If you're a vintage T-shirt fan (or any kind of vintage), just stay authentic. Shop originals where you can and whatever you style it with, make sure it feels like "you". Wear it with the high-waisted jeans you've had for years, or your favourite go-to coat. To spark some inspiration, we've looked to the streets to find how see how seven fashion girls are styling their vintage tees, from feminine to androgynous. 

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(Image credit: Style Du Monde )

Style Notes: To ease into the trend, a vintage tee looks great with neutral basics like the utlitarian trench, classic blue jeans and ankle boots. 


(Image credit: Style Du Monde)

Style Notes: In an effort to stay warm, wear your vintage tee over a long sleeve skivvy. Keep the rest simple with classic blue jeans and black boots. 



(Image credit: Style Du Monde)

Style Notes: To take your vintage tee to the next level, roll up the sleeves a few times and add a punchy red lip. 


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Style Notes: For a preppy/tomboy appeal, tuck your tee into slim-cut trousers and pair-back with a classic leather loafer. 


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Style Notes: For the feminine dressers, it's about the contrast. Go with the edgy tee with a beautifully draped skirt. 

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Style Notes: Opt for an oversized version and pair with a midi skirt and your sneakers for a casual weekend outfit.


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Style Notes: Dressing transeasonally, you can't go wrong with a mini denim skirt, a belt, and a long line blazer all while keeping accessories minimal.

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