This Is Where You'll Find Victoria Beckham Pieces for Under £60

We don't want to be overly dramatic, but we think we've just heard the best fashion news of 2016. Victoria Beckham has just announced that she will be collaborating with U.S. store Target on a collection. But don't go thinking that VB's items will be out of your budget, as the pieces are set to range from £5 to £60, which is incredible news for those who aren't able to afford her label but are mega fans of her chic silhouettes.

So what can we expect to see from this epic collab? The Victoria Beckham for Target collection will include more than 200 items for women and kids, which is the designer's first attempt at creating childrenswear. There sounds like there'll be plenty to choose from, with easy-to-wear dresses, rompers, tops and bottoms, on the list of pieces to buy. 

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Beckham spoke about the new venture and revealed the source of her inspiration: "The line of women's and childrenswear that I have created with Target perfectly encapsulates the spirit of VVB [Victoria, Victoria Beckham] and features some of the earlier silhouettes that the category originally became known for," said the designer.

"From the outset of my brand, I have always designed clothes that I want to wear, and that’s exactly what I have done here, but this time there are also clothes that my daughter would love to wear, too!"

But before you start worrying that you won't be able to shop the pieces, fear not as not only does Target ship internationally, but selected items will also be available to buy on Victoria Beckham's website, which is very good news indeed. Oh, and one last thing: It's not available until April 2017, but that just gives us time to get our fingers ready to right click like mad when it eventually drops, as we predict this is going to sell out immediately.

In the meantime, if you can't wait to get your hands on these Victoria Beckham pieces, we suggest you shop over on Net-a-Porter right now for her current available designs.

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