11 Under-$100 Handbags That Are Just the Right Size

If you are someone who doesn't love to spend a ton of money on fashion, handbags constitute, unfortunately, a grouping of items that take a huge hit. What we mean by that is when shopping for the best-looking yet affordable items available, handbags are not necessarily high on the priority list. Because it's just an accessory, right? Wrong. No matter how exemplary your outfit may be, draping a subpar bag over your arm will bring your overall look down faster than you realize. 

Never let the above scenario even be an option when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your look. To ensure you are consistently polished, especially when it comes to your handbag, we are here to prove to you that these hand-held accessories don't have to cost you the designer prices you think they do. Every bag in this story is under $100. That's right—affordable to the max, and that's not all, as each one's satisfying price tag equally aligns with its covetable style. 

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