15 Heel Types to Know (and How to Identify Them)

Heels are the kind of fashion item that can spur debates (kittens versus sky-highs, blocks versus stilettos, platforms versus flatforms), inspire museum exhibits (like the touring Killer Heels), and totally transform a wardrobe. So while the talking points of and fascination with the iconic style are endless, let's pause for a moment. We're first going back to the basics.

In the slides ahead, we've outlined 15 of the most common types of heels—presently popular, trends that come and go, as well as perennial favorites. And while novices may know their mules from their slingbacks, spotting Louis heels may be more of a challenge. Whichever the case, get to know the designs ahead by name, and if you catch the bug to do a little shopping for yourself afterward, well, so be it. Click in for 15 heel types and how to identify them for yourself.