And Now, 8 Furniture Items the Fashion Crowd Has Made Famous

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I don't know about you, but the past year has 100% piqued my interest in home décor. Sure, I always appreciated a well-curated space, but ever since the pandemic forced me to get well-acquainted with my own four walls, I can't stop thinking about, looking at, and shopping for cool furniture and stylish home décor accents. And I'm definitely not alone here. The fashion people I normally follow for style inspiration are sharing more glimpses into their homes, and just like the It fashion items I notice them wearing, there are a handful of trendy furniture pieces they all seem to have.

By no means whatsoever are we suggesting that fashion people alone gave these pieces their cult status, but we'd be lying if we said they weren't the reason each of the below pieces now has our attention. From sofas to statement mirrors and accent chairs, the trendy furniture items below are pinned to our mood boards, featured in our favorite outfit selfies, and posted all over our social feeds. Chances are you can recognize at least one of them. So with that, continue on to discover the It items the fashion crowd has us coveting.

#1: Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

These days, you can hardly throw a stone in cities like L.A. and New York without hitting an owner of this iconic modular sofa. In fact, Vogue published a piece in February titled "This Is the Sofa You're Seeing Everywhere on Instagram," but although it's having a moment right now, especially among the fashion crowd, the sofa, like many of the items on this list, has had a cult following for years now.

The sofa sits on the floor with a low back that's ideal for lounging. Thanks to Eternity Modern's reproduction, the options are virtually limitless in terms of the sectional combinations, colors, and materials it comes in. Add one section as an accent chair to your space, or go for the full living room set up as Aimee Song did.







#2: Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Be honest: You knew this was coming. If there's any single piece of furniture or home décor that's earned Instagram gold status, it has to be the Wassily chair. 





#3: Togo Sofa

With all the time we've spent at home this past year, it's no wonder why lounge sofas have earned near cult status. The next It piece that fashion girls are going crazy for is, yes, another lounge sofa with an equally distinct shape as the Camaleonda above. Meet the Togo. A Ligne Roset design, it also sits low on the floor and has a funky, unique shape that's captured the attention of the style set.



#4: Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola Mirror

Frank Ocean has it. Bella Hadid owns one. You've seen it countless times, yet it still manages to make us feel something each and every time it appears on our social feeds. The Ultrafragola (which means "ultra strawberry" in Italian) was designed in 1970 by Ettore Sottsass but feels completely right in 2021. 



#5: Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair

Surely you’ve seen it, with its shiny steel base and contrasting natural seat. The Cesca chair has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent months, earning a spot on our Instagram feeds and in the apartments of the design inclined. But it might not necessarily be fair to call this chair a trend. After all, it’s been a beloved style for more than 90 years.

#6: Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa

The classics never fail. While fashion girls definitely love their trendy furniture (as evidenced in this roundup), the Le Corbusier leather-and-chrome couch is a timeless staple that's no less popular.



#7: Jonathan Adler Ripple Lacquer Mirror

One thumb through your social media feed of choice confirms it: There are quirky mirrors galore right now. While the Ultrafragola's price tag will make your heart stop, and some of the cheaper options require a bit of creative handiwork to DIY, Jonathan Adler's colorful ripple mirror is the perfect attainable piece that adds such a fun and playful touch to any space. It's no wonder why we've seen it making a cameo in more and more outfit selfies these days.



#8: Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair

I can't be the only one whose mood boards are cluttered with images of those dreamy Parisian apartments. You know the ones, with the wood herringbone floors, beautiful crown molding, and massive French windows. Well, this is the chair I consistently see styled throughout French-inspired spaces. It's modern and eye-catching but also looks like the kind of piece you can sink into for hours on end with a good book.