These 9 Makeup Looks Are Going Viral—Here's How to Re-Create Them at Home

Trending makeup looks can sometimes be so divisive—what works for someone else doesn't always work for you, and vice versa. But this year, some of the biggest and best makeup trends are trending precisely because they're so wearable, so easy to achieve, and because they look great on everyone. So don't be put off if you're used to lists of makeup trends that require 53683 products and a 20-step tutorial to achieve. This year's trending makeup looks are some of the most low maintenance and universally flattering we've seen in a while.

If you're in a bit of a makeup rut or looking for quick and easy ways to upgrade and elevate your everyday makeup look, now's the time to hit refresh and try something different.



From wearable takes on eyeliner to trending lip looks that are seriously low maintenance, scroll down for major makeup inspiration. 

1. Soft Eyeliner


(Image credit: @SASHA.MEI)

Brown is the new black when it comes to eyeliner—offering a softer and more subtle alternative to harsh wings. It's still a great way to subtly enhance your eye shape and define your lash line, but has a more delicate effect, perfect for day time wear or no makeup-makeup looks.

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2. One-Wash Eyeshadow


(Image credit: @CHAMPAGNEMANI)

If you're still using five different shades of eyeshadow and a cut crease technique, put down your brushes. These days, eyeshadow looks are much more low maintenance. Think: fun, creative, messy, apply-with-your-fingertips eyeshadow that doesn't require hours spent blending and buffing.

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3. Radiant Skin



Glowing skin will always be in, because who doesn't want their complexion to look fresh and healthy? Sofia Richie's wedding makeup looks were goals in so many ways, but her skin really was the star of the show. The secret? Cream-based makeup products, which meld seamlessly with skin for a 'your skin but better' effect.

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4. Bold Lips


(Image credit: @TYLYNNNGUYEN)

Minimal makeup looks are certainly trending, which means that when it comes to pulling a look together, a good strategy to have is to keep either the eyes or the lips as the focus—never both. If you opt for a bold lip, keep eye makeup minimal—brushed up brows and brown mascara will let a strong red lip take centrestage.

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5. Stand-Out Lashes


(Image credit: @ROSIEHW)

Likewise, if you prefer the focus of your look to be on the eyes, opt for a nude lip which subtly enhances your natural lip colour and doesn't detract from your eye makeup. This look is all about the lashes—apply your eyeliner in a cat-eye shape in order to emphasise them and don't forget to apply mascara to the lower lashline to bring the final look together.

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7. Glossy Lips


(Image credit: @JOANNACOOPS)

Since lip oils are undoubtedly the trending lip product of the moment, it makes sense that glossy, dewy lips are a major makeup trend right now. As well as being the perfect accompaniment to a fresh-faced, natural-looking makeup look, we love this trend because it's so low maintenance.

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8. Pastel Eyeliner


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

If you want to lean into and embrace your creative side while still keeping your makeup in-line with the more minimal trend, consider a slick of bold pastel eyeliner. It's a fun way to elevate your everyday makeup for date night or a party.

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8. Extended Eyeliner



Extending your eyeliner at the outer corner of your eye is a classic makeup artist-approved trick for creating the appearance of wider eyes—but did you know that extending liner in the inner corner too has the same effect? Whether you use a bright coloured liner or opt for a classic brown or black, this technique works every time.

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9. Stained Lips


(Image credit: @LEFEVREDIARY)

Gone are the days of perfectly applied matte lipstick and lip liner. Stained lips are another popular makeup trend right now—mostly because this effect is easy to achieve, doesn't require constant top-ups, and looks good on everyone, no matter what your lip size or shape.

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