I Just Tried On Toteme's Cult Spring Buys—Here's What's Worth Investing In

Welcome to The Great Try-On. With spring well and truly in the air, we seized the opportunity to try on some of the best new-in pieces from some of your favourite brands, documenting the process along the way. We believe that the best way to shop online is to see an item IRL and to read candid reviews, so we hope that this leads you to your most successful purchases of the year.

Think of Toteme and your mind immediately goes to that viral scarf-coat. You know the one. It has a blanket stitch trim and comes in black, beige and, recently, grey, and it’s always sold out. Since becoming a household name among the fashion set, the brand has stayed true to its DNA of elevated basics and easy-to-wear and layerable pieces with core recurring styles. You won’t be finding any microtrends here; although, you can’t blame the Stockholm-based brand for inspiring countless dupes.

One thing that Toteme consistently does well that others in the "timeless wardrobe” category fail to do is keep up a good quality standard. I find this brand to be quite a reliable place to invest in, but as always, I’ll still check every care label and every seam! With that, let’s take a look at Toteme’s new collection. Let me share with you the pieces I think are worth the money and should have a place in your capsule wardrobe.




My Review: Firstly, the tank. It’s an £80 top, so I know you’re expecting a lot. Truthfully, it is a standard tank, but it is also a good one. It’s thick enough that you can go without a bra. It’s opaque and made of organic cotton, but it also has elastane for stretch. I’m wearing an XS here, but usually, I’d prefer a small or medium in other brands. This is a bit of a splurge, but at least you know you’ll wear it a lot! 

The camel jacket is, in my opinion, a great piece if you like the effortless look. It’s a transitional jacket, which means it won’t be keeping you warm in single-digit weather unless you have a seriously good layering game. This piece isn’t lined, but not all coats need to be. The exception is in the fit. Because this is oversized, there’s less friction, which means that the sleeve (a common place to see lining peak through) won’t be difficult to take on and off. Plus, this is a double-faced wool, meaning that it’s thick and the same on both sides, which can cost more to produce. My favourite features of this are the buttons that have the signature T-stitch detailing. With this style, I’d personally size down even if you were looking for something slouchy.

Now for the jeans. When it comes to buying any denim, there are several things to look for: fabric weight of the jeans, how much elastane is in it (ideally none at all but 2% max), how neat the finishing on the pockets and seams are and fit. By this, I refer to the front rise and back rise. When it comes to buying the luxury version, things like hardware detailing start to matter, so add that to the list. Toteme doesn’t skimp with its logo-embossed buttons in a silver tone. It also ticks every box. This is also 100% cotton, so it’s all down to whether or not you like the straight-leg style on you.





My Review: These silk trousers have been a staple for Toteme, and they are beautiful to wear. The white stitching is the brand’s monogram and comes with a matching shirt. I love this loose style paired with something more structured like a trench coat or even a waistcoat and jacket for city dressing. For a resort vibe, it would be perfect as a throw-on over a bikini. It’s the ultimate statement for minimalists. I’ve paired it with one of the softest T-shirts I’ve ever worn in my life. While everyone looks for white and black basic tees, I think a beige one is really underrated. It serves as a fab base layer under thinner knits, and if you’re looking for a soft-toned outfit, it contrasts less against other colours. This is a wonderfully thick material that is made of 100% organic cotton.

If the classic trench coat isn’t for you, perhaps the full-length sculptural version from Toteme piques your interest. As a petite person, I love that this doesn’t swamp me, but I do think it would be better styled on a taller frame. This is lightweight and great for layering over wide-leg trousers or a maxi skirt. I also love the neutral earthy green, which you don’t see in trenches that often. The materials are a lower-impact choice than a coat made of a polyester blend. It’s made of organic cotton and cupro. For those of you who aren’t so familiar with the latter, it’s a type of semisynthetic material made of cotton linter, the part of the plant that’s usually discarded in cotton production. It has an element of recycling in it, but it’s not inherently sustainable, as that depends a lot on how it’s manufactured. 





My Review: A white wool coat always reminds me of that moment in Maid in Manhattan where Jennifer Lopez gets caught trying on the guest’s clothes and is asked out on a date. Well, this is the 2023 cool-girl version of that. Toteme’s iteration echoes its signature boxy style and minimalistic approach to hardware—i.e., there is none. I would’ve loved to see more detailing, such as an inside pocket, but if this was already on your wish list, I can confirm it’s a beautiful piece that’s super easy to style. Petite people, for structure, I’d wear it with a hemline that’s similar to where the jacket falls, so go for shorts or a miniskirt. For taller individuals, this looks fab with jeans or a suit. 

The turtleneck is one of Toteme’s most recognisable styles and possibly the reason why every high-street brand has had 10 iterations of a striped wool jumper ever since it went viral. It’s a thick knit with slits up the sides, which gives it a lovely silhouette that’s quite flattering. This looks great paired with denim, but it would look equally as good with leather trousers or a mini kilt and boots. 

One of the best items that Toteme has to offer is its jeans, and this black pair is no exception. You don’t need anyone to convert you to the possibilities that this wardrobe staple has to offer! I will say, though, that the weight of the denim is fantastic. It’s soft and supple but thick. It’s a little on the pricier side, but you’ve got all the designer detailing that you’d expect. The logo hardware and the embroidery on the back are the epitome of "quiet luxury.” My favourite way to wear black denim is with a beautiful cashmere knit and loafers or a crisp white shirt with a knit bralette underneath.





My Review: This beautiful piece is not like every other white knit. It’s fine yet warm and features a beautiful chain-link monogram logo embroidery on the side. The composition of this is hard to come by, even in the luxury space. The 40% alpaca, 30% cashmere and 30% silk are as luxurious as they sound. Alpaca is derived from the sheared wool of the animal, and the majority of this fibre comes from Peru, although there’s a growing export market in China. It is not a by-product of the meat industry, but it’s not considered to be a vegan fibre.

Cashmere comes from underhair of Kashmir goats and has strict regulations around what can be classified as cashmere based on the thickness of the wool. Due to the demand for this luxurious yarn, there are environmental concerns around the desolation of grasslands in Mongolia and Northern China where the herds are raised. The blend of this piece is one of the best you can get, and the quality is brilliant, but wherever possible and especially at this price point, try to find pieces that have sourced their fabrics ethically. These usually come with accreditations! 


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