Tokyo Girls Are Losing It Over These Things

This editor has never set foot in Tokyo, but I have to admit that the style and trends that emerge there always fascinate me. Whenever I see outfits from the stylish women who live there, they always strike me as thoughtful and unique, and I walk away feeling inspired. It wouldn't be the iconic city it is without the vibrant fashion scene that embodies the culture.

So to dig into the fashion scene there, I tapped fashion influencer Van Le to help me break down what it's really like and what women are really wearing. Having grown up in New York and now splitting her time between Japan and Manhattan, she has an interesting take on what the Tokyo style scene is all about. Ahead hear about her views on fashion in Tokyo, how the city has influenced her personal style, and the top two summer trends that are emerging on the Japanese scene right now.

How would you describe style in Tokyo and what makes it unique?

Everyone in Tokyo is quite low-key because there's a consensus in common behavior for the culture. No one is too flashy or show-offy in any way possible (yes, even for streetwear). But because I'm a New York native, I tend to dress a little less modest compared to everyone else. For example, sometimes I'll go braless for the sake of comfort and it'll garner a few looks here and there. So I think that overall, whatever your style may be, modesty is key.

Which fashion trends are popping up in Tokyo right now?

Basket and woven bags are extremely popular now, and so are trench coats and derived trench pieces such as trench maxi skirts, miniskirts, and even trench-inspired bustier tops or crop tops!

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