3 Outfits, One Jewelry Collection: How to Ace Summer Dressing

Those of us who embrace a classic look wage a constant battle: We strive for the eternally chic, but that doesn't mean we don't want outfits that are on-trend and, well, fun. A capsule wardrobe of flawless white shirts, on-trend denim, and perfectly tailored black blazers is the stuff monochromatic dreams (and fashion blogs) are made of, but it all risks falling a bit flat without—and this is important—the right accessories.

We can't help but envy the elite few among us who have truly mastered accessorizing. Their eye for turning a humdrum outfit into a stunning objet d'art is awe-inspiring, and one thing that seems to be a common factor is their skillful use of jewelry. Exhibit A: Danielle Moss, a lifestyle blogger who defines her personal style as timeless and lists Jenna Lyons and Olivia Palermo (two masters of accessorizing in their own right) as her fashion icons.

If your classic looks could use a bit of a lift, take heed: With some help from Tiffany & Co.'s new HardWear collection, Moss is showing us how she amped up three winning spring outfit formulas (one of which she wore to a special in-store event with Tiffany & Co.), all by accessorizing the right way. Enroll in our jewelry master class, right this way.

Love the new collection as much as we do? To see more pieces, head over to Tiffany & Co.