The Emotional Stages of Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning out our closets may not sound like a difficult task, but boy is it ever. No matter how much we yearn for a pared-down wardrobe comprised of only our absolute favourite things, bringing ourselves to actually get rid of anything extra can be quite tough. See, our clothes have a lot more to them than meets the eye: our memories, our dreams, our identities, and so on. That’s some pretty heavy stuff to feel like we’re letting go of, you know? And, even if that idea is just all in our heads, it can make the process of closet cleaning rather emotional. But we’re not SO fashion-obsessed that we can’t see the humour in that, so, in an effort to poke a little fun at ourselves, we’ve identified every abrupt emotional change we experience while trying to organise.

Scroll down to discover (and laugh at) the 7 emotional stages of closet organisation!


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