The 4 Easiest Ways to Look Instantly Taller

If we had to put money on it, we’d venture a guess that there are more women out there who’d rather be taller than those who’d rather be shorter. Of course, no physical desire that women have is entirely universal, but if you’re a gal who wouldn’t mind adding a couple inches to your height, you might want to keep reading.

We chatted with our resident celebrity stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, who shared their insights on how you can instantly add inches to your frame just by using your wardrobe. And no, it’s not just always about throwing on a pair of super-high heels.

Keep scrolling to find out four easy ways to add instant height! 

The higher waist on a pair of trousers makes your legs look like they’re miles longer than they really are.

If you wear shoes that are the same color as your pants, your entire lower half gets longer instantly.

A pair of platform heels gives you an extra boost of height that a normal ol’ pair of shoes can’t offer.

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