Why You're About to See Model Taylor Hill Everywhere

If you don't know who model Taylor Hill is, you're about to see her everywhere. Not only has she signed up to become the new face of Lancôme, she's now been announced as the new girl for Topshop—her debut campaign for the brand. 

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, who have both been the face of the high-street store in the past, this means that Hill's career is about to go stratospheric. And it's easy to see why. Other than being exceptionally beautiful, the model also has an Instagram following of over 4 million. Now, while we know she's got a fairly long way to go in terms of beating Kendall Jenner (62 million and counting), she's definitely the latest fashion star to watch.

Keep scrolling for a look at the video, as well as some key looks from the campaign. 


(Image credit: Topshop)


(Image credit: Topshop)

In the video we see Hill spending the day with her dog Tate around New York, all decked out in new Topshop gear. First, we see her waking up wearing a Friends T-shirt (*adds to cart*). Next up, she's spotted wearing a beret, a fluffy pink jumper (definitely need this too), leopard print skirt, and classic leather jacket. 

Later on we get a glimpse of leggings with stirrups, a white high-neck frilly blouse, and some loafers, which we can see flying off the shelves for the coming season. As for the campaign images (above), we can see the embroidered leather jacket being big, as well as the mini slip dress. 

But if you can't wait until August 25, when the campaign launches, you can go shop in Topshop right now. 

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Opening Image: Topshop

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