Women Over 40 Are Proposing a Ban on These 5 Swim Trends

There's no time like the summer to experiment with new swimwear trends. While we might not currently be jetting off to take vacations, pool days, and beach trips, there are still plenty of opportunities to take those new bikinis or one-pieces out for a spin either in the comfort of your own home or right in your backyard. While we love a new and exciting swimwear trend just as much as the next person, the truth of the matter is that there are some trends that really aren't for everyone in terms of personal taste. So in the name of journalism, I reached out to two of my favorite over-40 fashion women to discover which styles they are loving and which they are "proposing a ban on," as we like to say.

This should go without saying, but anyone, no matter their age, is entitled to wear whatever swimsuit they feel like wearing. We simply like getting the expert opinions of influencers and It girls who inspire us, which is what you're about to dive into here. Ahead, read up on the swim trends Renata Jazdzyk and Mette Sorrig love for the summer, in addition to the ones they are much less excited about.

Renata Jazdzyk, 54

Proposing a ban on:

Too many cutouts: "I love a bit of cutout on a side of a swimsuit or in the front. Whether its a bandage wrap kind of bikini or one-piece swimsuit, they are fun and sexy. But too much cutout and you have the craziest tan you can imagine. Hence, I try to avoid this kind of swimsuit."

Little black bikinis: "I think summertime is the best time to wear colorful and fun swimsuits, so hide back that black bikini to your wardrobe. (It can wait till next year or maybe the year after.) Instead let your imagination go free and try something different, whether it's an '80s-inspired, high-bottom check swimsuit; tiger pattern; or cute bows—show your personality through your choice of swimsuit."

The trends she's wearing instead:

One-piece suits worn as bodysuits: "Swimsuits do not have to be worn only to the beach or poolside anymore. You can now find so many beautiful and unique swimsuits in stores that it would be a shame to wait till you go on your holiday to wear them. I love the idea of wearing a one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit with a skirt or high-waisted trousers. Plus, this can also simplify your vacation wardrobe."

Animal print: "Snake, zebra, and tiger prints are, this season, one of the hottest trends. Since we like them on our clothes, why not wear them on our bikinis too? You can find them in almost any color, from black and white to neon pink or green. I think a lot of us associate animal print with a very bold statement, but I believe that this kind of print can actually add confidence. Don't be afraid to own it. And most importantly, I believe that anyone can rock this kind of print and look absolutely stunning."

Retro: "This year is about going back in time to the '60s—wearing retro-inspired prints such as gingham check, high-waisted bottoms, and underwire swimsuits. This kind of style is very flattering and easy to wear. I'm a big fan of retro check swimsuits. I recently got one from Marysia, and I cannot wait to wear it this summer."

Mette Sorrig, 49



Proposing a ban on:

G-strings: "I feel like wearing a G-string is showing just a little too much for my own taste."

Plain black bikinis: "I've seen so many of these. It's time for something new and bold."

Boy-short bottoms: "Those boxers or boyish, short bikini bottoms need to go."

The trends she's wearing instead:

Hip-high bottoms: "I love hipster or hip-high bottoms and a little bandana top for that Audrey Hepburn–esque look. Plus, I feel like this trend works with many body types." 

One-shoulder: "Asymmetric swimwear, especially one-shoulder shapes, gives your entire swim look a new twist."

Bright colors: "Anything that is striped, neon, or brightly colored qualifies as one of my favorite swim trends for this season." 

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.