How to Match Your Sunglasses to Your Face Shape

We can always find an excuse to go shopping, and today is no different. Spring is the perfect opportunity to refresh your eyewear—and while you’re at it, make sure you’re wearing the shape that’ll best suit your face. We’ll admit we’re no eyewear experts, so we turned to someone who is—Hamish Tame, the designer behind Australian label Le Specs. We asked Tame to share his knowledge, and advise on the best sunglasses for different face shapes (which you’ll find out below), but we also couldn’t help quizzing him on the biggest eyewear trends are as we come into spring and summer. Tame revealed “overall we are seeing the trend moving towards smaller frames, which feel super cool and very nineties.  Shape-wise the cat’s eye, and round lens will continue to be popular, and then one of the biggest trends for summer is the flat lens, which makes for a great selfie.” Selfies you say? We’re listening.... and we also want to know, how many different pairs of sunglasses can we justify owning? “I think it is always good to have a few pairs on rotation.  A classic for every day in black or tortoiseshell, a mirror lens option that you can wear on weekends, and then something colourful or a fun shape for the beach”. Thank you Hamish, we’re going shopping RN.

To help you find the perfect frames for your face, we had the frames illustrated onto famous faces. See if you can guess who they are, and then find the answers down below.

Keep scrolling to find the frames for your face, and then shop your favourite style for spring.

"Styles with wide lower edges and no straight lines along the top will work best for you.  There a plenty of options here, so have some fun with it!" 

"As a guide, try to avoid wearing anything too circular, and instead balance the shape of your face with a straight lines and angles to make your face look sharper."  

"You’re the lucky ones, because basically anything looks good on an oval face.  Try something more adventurous… because you can!"

"The best rule with a square face is to go for a frame that is slightly rounded.  Aviators are an easy go-to option."

"The key here is to go for a style with a taller or longer lens to match the proportions of your face.  Avoid anything too small, and you will be set!"  

Opening images: Imaxtree

Illustrations: Jason Bardas

Famous faces: Heart shape (Reese Witherspoon), round shape (Ginnifer Goodwin), oval shape (Megan Fox), square shape (Cameron Diaz), long shape (Liv Tyler).

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