If We Can Mute Instagram, We Can Also Mute These 5 Trends

Earlier this week Instagram announced it had officially released a function on the app to mute users in your feed. It’s a long time coming and such a necessary tool. Think about it: We may not want to unfriend a dear old college roommate, but we also aren’t waiting with bated breath for their next latte art picture. And this sparked a bit of an idea: If we can mute photos that aren’t really adding anything interesting to our day, the same can be done with trends.

While trends are cyclical and plenty of people prefer a style that’s immune to whatever the rapidly changing It item is, in this case, these below five examples are simply styles we’ve been seeing a lot of. Too much, depending who you ask. It’s not that we’re calling an official end to the items below, but perhaps we can benefit from a little distance. Or fittingly, some time on mute.

Furthermore we can think of more current styles that deserve their moment in the sun this summer—literally and figuratively that is. Keep scrolling to see them all.

Remember: Muting—on Instagram or otherwise—is not permanent, but perhaps it's necessary to get right to the good (new) stuff.