I Have It on Good Word These Unexpected Streetwear Trends Will Boom This Summer

By now we've already run through the most pertinent shoe and handbag trends of the season—barbie shoes and '90s minimalist styles included—so it's only right that we shift the spotlight to what's happening within the streetwear scene. While sneakers will forever be the foundation of streetwear as an aesthetic, other unexpected pieces have taken center stage as players among the style set: just look at the surge of viral, "clickbait" accessories and eccentric-looking foam shoes as the proof.

Balenciaga's Cagole bags and shoes have practically flooded every hypebeast/bae's page on the internet, and right now, it's a mad dash to cop the Yeezy Foam Runners. Neither of them is what you'd consider to be universally "pretty," but teetering on the edge of controversially cute is what makes streetwear so interesting to look at. Other big trends are also poised to become huge this season, so I've mapped them out all for you below. So get comfortable and keep scrolling.

"Clickbait" Accessories



As our Senior Fashion Editor Kristen Nichols explained back in February, "clickbait" accessories are statement pieces leveled up a notch or two. Think of them as the fashion girl equivalent of hypebeast items, a few of which currently includes almost anything Loewe and Balenciaga. The latter's Cagole bag is an obvious favorite among the streetwear set, but I predict the Cagole boots are not too far behind.

Baggy Cargos



It's not difficult to understand why baggy cargos have skyrocketed as a staple among streetwear fans this summer: they're versatile and just look effortlessly cool. While It-girls certainly wear them with sneakers, pairing them with stilettos and crop tops seems to be an equally popular outfit formula.

Foam Shoes



Trying out this one isn't for the faint of heart, but if foam/rubber shoes are anything they're comfortable like nothing else. The Yeezy Foam Runners have helped catapult the trend to cult status, that now even Prada has gotten in on the fun. If you're clueless as to how to pull them off yourself, take a cue from the tastemakers and pull out your best baggy parachute pants (or cargos).

Daring Prints

Abstract prints are always a reoccurring theme within the summer, but this year, bigger and bolder prints are being prioritized within the fashion set. They're a nice break from neutrals and really serve fashion with a capital F.

Shield Sunnies



It's time to dust off your old shield sunglasses from the 2000s: the early aughts silhouette is back and it's definitely one trend streetwear fans can't get enough of.