6 Small Trends That Will Make a Big Difference to Your Summer Outfits

If there's one thing I've learned from my days as a fashion editor, it's how to track down microtrends before anyone else catches wind of them. Being overly perceptive my whole life has clearly stood me in good stead. Now, you might be wondering what differentiates a trend and a microtrend. Essentially, they’re smaller offshoots of the core trends we see on the biannual runways that only begin to become apparent once the bigger trends are in full swing.

Take the overarching '90s trend, for example. It started out on the runways with pared-back silhouettes and boxy tailoring, and now we’re seeing it morph into pieces such as capri pants and large pendant necklaces, both of which I’d consider to be some of summer’s funnest microtrends.


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As a simple dresser myself, I never encourage buying into trends based solely on the fact that they’re "in fashion". Instead, I like to think long and hard about any I’m tempted by, discerning whether or not they feel "me”. If, after deliberation, I decide that they are, then, yes, I’ll invest. More often than not however, it’s microtrends I find the most compelling, as they’re an easy way to dip your toe into an aesthetic without having to fully commit, but will still make your outfits feel current.

Below, I’ve assembled six summer microtrends for 2023 that will bring some immediate joy to your wardrobe, but that I also believe have staying power, too. The print on the last dress, for example, has been omnipresent in the fashion space ever since Carrie Bradshaw first wore it in 2000. How's that for longevity? So, let's get better acquainted with summer 2023's microtrend line-up. 

1. Pyjama Trousers


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Style Notes: Comfy trousers are what everyone seems to be shopping and wearing right now, and the style I keep seeing around is of the blue-striped cotton variety. Akin to pyjama bottoms, these pairs typically come with a drawstring waistline (personally, I welcome this extra comfort) and a straight leg. Should stripes feel too bedtime for you, there are always colour-block options to consider.

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2. Bright Tops


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Style Notes: I don't wear much colour, but I'd like to start, and Monikh Dale has carved out the perfect way to do so with her bright-top-and-jeans pairing. Looking at the market, orange is definitely the "nice top" colour du jour. 

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3. Beaded Details


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Style Notes: Everywhere I look right now, I'm reminded of the retro seat covers my granda used to have in his car, as wooden-bead details are featuring heavily in the summer collections. Everything from dresses to necklaces have been given this throwback update, so you can pick and choose how much you want to commit to the trend. 

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4. Heart-Shaped Sunglasses


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Style Notes: I love my Ray-Bans, but sometimes I yearn for fun eyewear to update my looks. Cue fashion's latest obsession with heart-shaped frames. Unlike previous seasons which have zeroed in on chunky acetate styles, this summer is all about thin metal iterations, which I'd say look significantly sleeker than their predecessors. 

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5. Flared Skirts


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Style Notes: I swear I owned this exact skirt from Tammy Girl in 2000. Fitted at the top and flared at the hem, this fishtail silhouette is just one of the many Y2K microtrends to land this summer. 

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6. Newspaper Prints


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Style Notes: Carrie Bradshaw's Dior newspaper dress will go down in history as one of the character's most iconic looks, and has cemented it's appeal in fashion circles. For summer 2023 we're seeing a resurgence of the print in the form of dresses, bustier tops and pencil skirts. 

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Maxine Eggenberger
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