How to Style Maxi Skirts, No Matter Your Height

Oh, maxi skirts. We love them, but once we buy them, we're not always sure how to style them. The look we envisioned in our mind doesn't turn out quite the same IRL. Maybe we think we're a bit too petite or that the skirt is too billowy. And if you relate, we encourage you to give it another try.

No matter if you're petite or tall, you shouldn't shun maxi skirts once and for all. Sometimes it takes a little extra searching and inspiration gathering to reach your aha styling moment. And that's exactly where we landed once looking at the outfit ideas below.

From learning that a thoughtfully placed slit does wonders to discovering how to dress a maxi skirt up or down, the advice below will put your hesitations to bed once and for all.

The carefully calculated slit keeps this look elongated, no matter your height. 

Once again, maxi skirts with slits make everything better. 

Pair your maxi skirt with black boots and a long-sleeve blouse for those chilly summer nights. 

Perfect for a day to discover new corners in your neighborhood. 

Walking on the beach has never looked so good. 

Elevate your summer look with a metallic maxi skirt. 

Pleats please.

Opt for a maxi skirt and quasi-bralette matching set. 

Scarf tops are now your maxi skirt's best friend. 

Don't shy away from a bold print. 

Dress up your maxi skirt with some pumps. 

It's time to rethink the Canadian tux. 

Ruffles are always a good idea. 

Keep it classy with a black-and-white pairing. 

Once again, polka dots are the answer

Proof that there's a maxi skirt out there for everyone.