I'm in My 60s, and These Are the 3 Summer Trends I'm Letting Go Of


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Susan Feldman is the co-founder of One Kings Lane and In the Groove, a style destination where she shares her age-defying outfits and shopping tips. Feldman is also our resident style expert here at Who What Wear, and she's shared everything from the basics she's relied on for years to the style mistakes she won't repeat. Today, we've tapped her to discuss how the quarantine has changed her summer style.

Well, being quarantined has certainly put a different lens on what trends I am embracing for summer. The truth is that the things I normally love in the summer I am loving more, and the ones that—given the circumstance—seem frivolous or not appropriate I have let go by the wayside. I don't really seem to have a reason to wear certain things now that I usually love this time of year, but I'm sure once we are on the other side of all of this I will be back.

Right now, it's obviously all about comfort and simplicity, but I have been reaching those things that help me feel feminine and a bit whimsical, too, like a gorgeous white blouse. I haven't been wearing much jewelry, but I have found that I am gravitating towards fun accessories that spruce things up a bit like headbands and fun bracelets and rings. At the end of the day, while we are all quarantined, remember to take care of yourself and do get out of your sweats every once in a while.

Letting Go: Strappy Sandals

I can't imagine even putting a pair of shoes on other than say Birkenstocks or sport sandals. Lately, it is a big deal to put on sneakers, so the idea of wearing one of those gorgeous strappy sandals is the furthest thing on my mind. Fingers crossed next year they will still be on point.

Embracing: Sporty Sandals



At this point, I am only wearing shoes that are easy on and off and super comfortable. Of course, my go-to is my Birkenstocks, but I did splurge on a pair of the Proenza collab. My new favorites are what I consider to be a chicer version of Teva's made by Suicoke. Oh, and I did buy my first pair of Crocs.

Letting Go: Statement Jewelry

To say I have gone minimal with my jewelry would be an understatement. These days, I am wearing a wedding band, stud earrings, and a necklace that I never take off. Most days I don't even wear a watch. In the past, I have always found summer the perfect time to sport a great statement necklace. Lately, up until all this madness, I would say the more necklaces the better since this was always a great way to make a basic white tee shirt something fun, but currently, I am really feeling less is more.

Embracing: Pretty Blouses



I have been in my sweats so much that I finally figure out a way to up my game. I have added pretty feminine white shirts to my ensembles.

Letting Go: Blazers

I always love a great blazer during the summer, especially a linen one. I find it is an easy piece to pull a look together, but this summer, I've rarely been reaching for them.

Embracing: Tie-Dye



There is something about being at home that has made me nostalgic. I think this is why I am loving tie-dye at the moment, because it reminds me of so many good times.

Embracing: Hair Accessories



My hair has been a whole new challenge during the quarantine. I have learned how to color it. My husband has cut it for me. So I am loving.

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