7 Stylish Bedroom Ideas That Are Easy to Re-Create

Remote working in some form or another remains a reality for many, and although it brings many benefits, it can have a huge impact on home life, making it hard to create a clear boundary between work and rest. The pandemic has also had a huge influence on sleep patterns, with factors such as new habits and routines and stress impacting how many hours people are sleeping. According to The Guardian, the national increase in poor sleep has been pronounced in women, going from 19% to 32%.

While it might be tempting to take a Zoom meeting from bed (camera off, of course) or catch up on emails at 11 p.m., it is important to make your bedroom a place of rest and relaxation. This can be achieved with a no-technology rule or by making it a space you really look forward to being in each night. There are some simple tricks that can have a huge impact on a space—we recommend you pay close attention to the colour palette and textures, and try to avoid clutter in this space. Keep scrolling for seven stylish, and calming, bedroom interior ideas we really love.

1. Neutrals and Wooden Accents


(Image credit: _JessicaSkye)

If you want your bedroom to be a calming space, stick to light neutrals and whites with rustic wood accents. The excellent thing about sticking to this aesthetic is that everything automatically blends, so it's easy to put together. 

2. Bold Wallpaper and Mismatched Prints


(Image credit: Lucywilliams02)

Here we have the opposite approach to interior design—the "more is more is more" camp. Embrace the eccentric styling, and layer clashing prints and colours with different textures and unusual shapes. You want all your items to be a talking point. 

3. Calming Blues and Red Accents


(Image credit: Joy Monty)

Red and blue might sound like quite a dramatic colour pairing, but if you opt for soft shades of teal and burgundy, it makes a restful and special palette for a bedroom. Add the deep-red accents with artwork, accessories and lighting. 

4. Statement Rug and Round Mirror


(Image credit: Katherine Ormerod)

Make your bedroom look like a boutique hotel with an antique-style rug, printed wallpaper and special touches. Candles can be key to making your bedroom feel like a relaxing space, so this is an area to treat yourself. 

5. Pink and Greens


(Image credit: Katherine Ormerod)

Pink and green, in our opinion, should always be seen, especially in the bedroom. Opt for soft, muted shades, and these two colours blend beautifully together. 

6. Linens and Plants


(Image credit: Monikh)

Keep it simple with cane furniture, linen sheets and lots of plants—you'll feel like you're on a wellness retreat. 

7. Stripes and Neutral Tones


(Image credit: The India Edit)

For a more classic look, mix neutral pieces with striped fabrics. Layer different stripes together for more depth. 

Next up, our tips for decorating on a budget. 

Emma Spedding