Help! I Don't Know How to Style My Jeans Anymore

When you get that inevitable late-afternoon text from a friend asking what you plan on wearing for your impending night out, what’s your normal response? If it sounds something like, “Just jeans and a nice top, probs?” we’re right there with you. It’s our fallback uniform when we’re aiming to balance “making an effort” with not trying too hard; or when we realize we’ve made plans for 7 p.m. on a Friday night, and our last meeting just got pushed to 6:30. (Sigh.)

In our second installment of Denim Dilemmas, we answer more of your questions about finding and styling great jeans. Our hero pair for a night out? Citizens of Humanity’s newest black cigarette-leg jeans—they’re made with LYCRA® dualFX® technology, so you know you’ll be able to sit comfortably at dinner (or dance all night) and they’ll still hug you in all the right places the next time you pull them on.

Watch below to see fashion director, Natalie Cantell, create 3 brilliant outfits with black denim, then keep reading for the two simple (but ultra-chic) looks we’re currently wearing to take our jeans from day to night.


Black and white, with a bow on top: It’s got all the makings of the ultimate French-girl outfit, and it’s perfect for wearing to work on a Friday when you know you have plans to go out later. To feel truly Parisian, pair with boyish flats (particularly ideal for running to and from meetings). FYI, with loafers this chic, bringing along a pair of heels for your after-hours plans is 100% optional.


Okay, our fashion icons of the early 2000s got it right: Sometimes we do just need that going-out top. Nothing achieves easy style quite like a statement above the waist, with the right pair of jeans giving you a free pass to be totally comfortable all the while. Going with black and white keeps things even more effortless and classic (no matter how of-the-moment said going-out top actually is). Bonus points for adding silver statement earrings to balance the bare shoulder—or experiment with just the one if you’re feeling a bit bold.

Are you inspired to wear black jeans again at your next girls’ night out? Stay tuned to see what we have in store for our third installment…