I Asked 5 Fashion People to Share Their 2022 Mood Boards (and They're Good)

how to create a style mood board


@himichelleli; @dionemdavis; Miu Miu; Coperni; Peter Do; Loewe; The Frankie Shop; @her366.shop

Fashion people are our guiding force, and that's a fact. We always look to what our favorite stylists, editors, influencers, and buyers are wearing and shopping as an indication of what's cool now and what's just around the corner. This is all to keep you as up-to-date as possible on the fashion front. Whether I'm stalking their feeds for outfit inspiration or sliding into their DMs for intel on their latest purchases, my fashion friends are my go-to style source. So as I sat down to consider which direction I want to take my own style in 2022, I thought, "Who better to consult than these insiders?"

I asked five of my favorite stylish people to share what they're pinning to their mood boards for the year ahead. And to my surprise, they over-delivered. If you're curious about how to create a style mood board in the first place or, like me, are just in the market for some really good inspiration, you've come to the right place. So what's defining this fashion crew's style right now? Ahead, see all the epic runway, editorial, and shopping references that are influencing them, and peruse their key shopping buys for 2022.


Schiaparelli; Peter Do; Maryam Nassir Zadeh; @dionemdavis; Loewe; Miu Miu

Who: Dione Davis, stylist and consultant

Where: New York City, NY

Key elements of her 2022 style: leather bomber jackets, trouser skirts, exposed bras, and bust detailing


Miu Miu S/S 22 runway

"The only way that I know how to adapt to trends is to ground them with closet staples styled in a way that looks new. Miu Miu S/S 22 collection is stunning, mixing traditional separates and reimagining them through the lens of an early aughts paparazzi magnet. I will have to get creative to execute this 'fit because I pay Brooklyn rent, and I'm not on Miu Miu's gifting list yet. I will be taking one of my sweater-vests purchased during an Etsy bender, and I will cut it in half and pair it back to a low-slung trouser skirt with tall boots for transitional weather or gray chunky socks and one of my vintage Prada sandals to add some drama. 

"Another trend that piques my interest is something I can't even believe I'm saying. The perfect leather bomber or motorcycle jacket feels right to me after years of shunning them. Trying a longline-style leather jacket makes more sense than a shrunken jacket unless it looks like last year's strong-shouldered version from Vaquera. If you are going to try a more cropped style, it needs to be slightly off and not too reminiscent of suburbanites trying their luck at the door of my boyfriend's club in the LES."


Maryam Nassir Zadeh S/S 22 runway

"In spring 2022, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Schiaparelli put emphasis on the chest. For MNZ, it's all about the micro bikini on top of a casual T-shirt for advanced accessorizing, while Schiaparelli went full-on Madonna at the AmFAR gala with a hypnotic cone-shaped bra. Looking forward a bit, Christopher John Rogers's prefall 2022 put the emphasis on the statement boob, bringing back the bullet bra. I already preordered my CJR bullet bra to wear under cardigans opened up and even layered over thin basics to make a statement. If you want to try a low-key version of this, go for a bra over a T-shirt, or wear a bra in the summer with big trousers for a weather-appropriate high-summer 'fit."


Peter Do S/S 22 runway

"Two things that get larger as I age: my pants and my hair. I am loving large pants like Loewe S/S 22 Look 53 and Peter Do S/S 22 Look 46. Something about all-over volume and monochromatic 'fits remind me of the futurism I've always craved in clothing that feels safe and elegant."

Shop Dione's mood board:


Peter Do; The Frankie Shop; @loewe; @alexisbadiyi; Nensi Dojaka; Miu Miu

Who: Alexis Badiyi, stylist

Where: New York City, NY

Key elements of her 2022 style: muted suits, midriff ties, barely-there draping, pops of bold color


Peter Do S/S 22 runway

"Muted suits are a favorite go-to of mine. It is great how you can build a collection of suiting over time with a focus on strong tailoring and quality. By staying within a color story, you can mix and match throughout the seasons—layering for fall with sweaters and trench coats, paring down for spring with bra tops or suit vests. I love this category, especially because I can wear muted suiting to any occasion and feel chic."


Nensi Dojaka S/S 22 runway

"This 'barely there' draping makes me look as if I washed up on shore and went directly to an elegant evening. The feeling of wearing such a piece is immediately ethereal and sexy, as though I am floating with my martini, only being grounded by a perfect little heel. Currently manifesting warm weather as the frost makes its way through to NYC."

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Prada; Vaillant Studio; Missoni; @himichelleli; Paloma Wool; Commission

Who: Michelle Li, editor and stylist

Where: New York City, NY

Key elements of her 2022 style: maximalist knitwear, playful layering, bold makeup looks


Prada F/W 17 runway

"Maximalism was a big trend in 2021, and I think that kind of a took a toll on me because I wanted to differentiate myself but instead just became overwhelmed with options and possibilities. I don't feel like I really ~shined~ last year and had a little bit of an identity crisis, but I think this year I'm starting to find my way again. I'm currently very into knitting and am surprisingly getting a lot of wear out of the pieces I make.

This Prada F/W 17 collection is one of my all-time favorite runway shows. I always reference it when I'm feeling like I've hit a roadblock when it comes to dressing myself, styling, and knitting inspo. There are just so many great textures and colors. It's fun and light—everything that I'm constantly striving for my style to be."


Missoni F/W 18 runway

"I also love this Missoni F/W 18 collection for layering inspiration. I think this year will have a lot of that and playing with colors that I might have been too afraid of wearing before (yellow and dark brown). I think my main goal is to just not overthink anything and not take it too seriously. If I put on an outfit that I love but end up hating it at the end of the day, that should be okay!"

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Victoria Beckham; Miu Miu; @deborabrosa; Peter Do; Prada

Who: Débora Rosa, brand consultant and content creator

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Key elements of her 2022 style: crisp shirting, delicate fabrics, ultra-mini skirt hemlines


Victoria Beckham S/S 22 runway

"This theme of the 'homme girl' is having a big influence on my style in 2022. I'm looking at cool, crisp shirting paired with loose pants and lightweight blazers to achieve this vibe. The spring 2022 collections from Victoria Beckham and Prada captured this theme perfectly."


Prada S/S 22 runway

"Like a lot of other fashion people right now, I'm so excited about ultra-mini miniskirts. The '90s supermodel minis are officially back, and I definitely plan on trying them out this year. Similarly, sophisticated sensuality is also top of mind for me this year, and I'm focusing on elements like cutouts, sheer fabric, high slits, and corsets—they're relatively small details but have an overall sleek feel."

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@her366.shop; Coperni; @gregr0555; @misodam; Miu Miu

Who: Miso Dam, stylist

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Key elements of her 2022 style: low-rise bottoms, platform shoes, textured accessories


Coperni S/S 22 runway

"For me, 2022 is all about bringing back the low-rise bottoms from the early 2000s and making it more elevated and high fashion. On the runway, we've been seeing this emerge from brands such as Miu Miu's and Coperni's spring 2022 collections."



"Recently, I have been finding inspiration from Asian street fashion, especially with the rise of K-pop in America. I've been discovering more Asian designers and brands on Instagram, such as her366.shop and La Lune, who create amazing and unique pieces. I'm looking forward to pulling pieces from these designers and mixing them in with more classic pieces from my wardrobe."

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