New Study Reveals Exactly How Bad High Heels Are for Your Health

Any woman who's ever worn super-high heels knows (without needing science to tell her) that they aren't exactly friendly to your body. But according to a new study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, they might be way worse for our health than we even think.

Researchers at South Korea's Hanseo University enlisted 40 college-age women seen to be in suitable health, and asked them to wear heels of various heights to their college classes for four years. Then they looked at their health, specifically the health and stability of their ankles, after the four years were up.

?"Collegiate women who wore shoes with four-inch high heels more than three times per week to their classes developed an imbalance of four functional ankle muscles," the report reads. "While wearing high-heeled shoes appeared to strengthen ankle muscles at first, prolonged use eventually caused an imbalance, which is a crucial predictor of ankle injury."

The tricksters! Heels offer the facade of strengthening your ankles before wreaking havoc later. The researchers recommend that high-heel wearers "regularly perform ankle strengthening exercises, such as heel walking, toe tappers, and heel raises," to prevent further injury to their ankles.

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Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

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