This Major U.S. Creative Consultant Reflects on Australian Style

Do you remember those incredible Céline skateboards that blew up a few years ago? The creator behind one of the most coveted (at least for me) items of 2011 was fashion blogger Jayne Min, of Stop It Right Now. The stylist and creative director has since become a go-to source of inspiration for her skate-meets-fashion vibe. Her style is very Sydney right now. Combining denim with sleek design and cool outwear (like this perfect bomber jacket) means when she visits Australia, she slips in like a local.

Jayne was recently in Australia for a summer break, and we couldn’t help but catch up to grill her on Australian style. Keep scrolling to find out her favourite labels, where she loves to eat in Sydney, and how to curate the perfect travel suitcase.

Who What Wear Australia: How was your recent trip to Australia?

Jayne Min: A true vacation in every sense of the word. Eat, swim, sleep, swim, eat, sleep, and eat again. Each time I visit, my Australian retirement plan gets a little more cemented in my mind.

WWW: What did you enjoy most?

JM: I always enjoy the food. Australians really know how to do a good breakfast! No one does it better.

WWW: Is there a special link between you and Australia?

JM: When I finally went freelance after nearly a decade working at companies, I took a really monumental Eat Pray Love-style solo trip to Australia. It will always be a special, magical place that healed me and got me excited about my new life. Oh and that taught me about breakfast plates.

WWW: Did you discover any new Australian labels? What designers do you love best?

JM: I've been a long-time fan of Ellery, Dion Lee, and Christopher Esber. New labels I love are Matteau Swim and Her The Label. They make the best one pieces hands down. And this time around I became full-blown obsessed with Country Road beach towels, ha-ha! An Australian institution!

WWW: What do you think is different about Australian style?

JM: I think because it's so remote, Australians have had to be self-reliant and cultivated a lot of great domestic brands. The fashion scene really reflects the lifestyle here. It's the perfect mix of city and beach, almost like if you blended LA and NY. Australian women are chic!

WWW: What were your favourite places you visited in Australia?

JM: To be honest, I just love my go-to breakfast spots ha-ha. My favourites are O Organic Produce, Reuben Hills, Bunker, Gnome, and Shuk. The Art Gallery of NSW has to be one of my favourite museums anywhere, so I always make sure to stop by. The Blue Mountains are gorgeous too.

WWW: What do you owe your success to?

JM: Hard work and not caring what other people are doing.

WWW: What is your best fashion advice?

JM: Wear what makes you happy.

WWW: What is the worst fashion advice you've been given?

JM: For me personally, anything that errs on the side of feminine.

WWW: How do you curate your wardrobe to fit into a suitcase when you travel?

JM: Everything black. One black trouser, one black denim, one black skirt, one black cashmere sweater, one black T-shirt, one black tank. Mix and match everything. 

WWW: What do you always pack in your suitcase?

JM: I usually end up packing more toiletries than clothes or shoes. It probably takes up half of the weight limit, no joke. I pack a full skincare regimen, various creams and serums and SPFs (Australian sun is serious business!) and every kind of mask, plus I always pack a scented candle no matter what. Other than that, a compact iPhone charger I can put in my purse. I never ever, ever travel without one, I'm so paranoid of getting lost and being without Google Maps.

WWW: What Australian designers do you think are the ones to watch in 2016?

JM: Dion Lee and Ellery have been steadily gaining more global attention. I'm just waiting for them to open US stores!

Shop Pieces From Jayne's Favourite Australian Labels:

What designers do you think are the ones to watch in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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