This Scandi Fashion Girl Just Shared Her 7-Step Skincare Routine

When one of the most-followed fashion girls in the Who What Wear office took to Instagram to share her current skincare lineup last night, I was over the moon. As a beauty editor, there's nothing I love more than an unsolicited peek inside the bathrooms of stylish women—even better if it's a Scandi girl with amazing skin like Stephanie Broek

Broek revealed a seven-product lineup with one brand dominating the routine—Paula's Choice. No, it's definitely not a sponsored post—Broek just clearly swears by this American beauty brand. In fact, Broek and I are clearly skincare soulmates as Paula's Choice is a much-loved skincare staple in my daily routine too.


(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)

Featuring hardworking ingredients like retinol to refine skin texture, BHA to keep pores clear and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, Broek clearly knows her stuff when it comes to skincare and the products that will keep her clear complexion in check.

Keep scrolling to shop the Scandi-approved skincare products that Broek currently swears by.


(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)

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(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)


(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)

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Mica Ricketts