Is Everyone Ditching Off-the-Shoulder Tops for This Style?


Collage Vintage

For more than a few seasons now, off-the-shoulder tops have been the go-to look among the fashion set. Even after that, sleeves took over. Everything from bell sleeves to the more recent puffy-sleeve trend has been a favorite among fashion girls. Recently, though, we’ve noticed a fresh style that’s replacing those standard styles. We’ve talking about bustier-style square-neck tops.

Everyone from Brock Collection to Pixie Market is designing their own version, and we have a feeling this will be the new It top fashion girls won’t be able to resist.

Equal parts iconic glamour and modern silhouette, it is a fresh new take on the perfect piece to pair with everything from jeans to high-waisted trousers to a classic pencil skirt. And if you haven’t tried it, you might want to give it a spin.

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