The Shoe Trends Everyone Will Wear in 6 Months


Collage Vintage

Fashion month is a bittersweet time. You get excited for all the newness that the coming season will bring, but realize that the new season is months away—six months, to be exact. Well, today, we are here to meet you in the middle. Now that New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks are finally over, we can officially sit down and comprehend all the new spring 2019 trends we've seen, and let me tell you they're good.

First up on the spring-trend menu is shoes. Here, get a first look at nine of the most popular shoe styles we saw come down the S/S 19 runways all across the globe. Trust us when we say that in six months' time, these will be the footwear styles you'll see all over town. And since we know having to wait for anything let alone new shoes is painfully dreadful, we shopped out a few spring 2019 shoe trends you can start wearing now.