I Don't Care What My Weather App Says—Spring Starts With These 20 Nordstrom Gems



In my mind right now, the leaves are being restored, flowers are blooming, and I'm seeing pastels everywhere I go. In real life, the streets are piled with snow, people are huddled in long puffer jackets, and there's knitwear galore around every corner. In fact, it's currently snowing in New York City as I write this, but that hasn't stopped me from browsing the Nordstrom site for some new spring picks. I mean, how else am I going to manifest 70-degree weather and endless sunshine if I don't dress the part? I spent my snow day gearing up for warmer days, and I've included my favorites below to make sure that you're just as prepared as I am. They're colorful, functional, and stylish wardrobe pieces that you'll gravitate toward all season long. Ready to open 20 new tabs? Just keep scrolling.