Trial and Error: 6 Trends I Tried and Hated

I talk a lot about trends here—here being Who What Wear. While I can easily inform you of what is trending and why and where you can shop to try the trend for yourself, I rarely insert my personal opinion on the matter. Today, I'm going to do just that. I'd be lying to you if I said I love every trend I try. Many of them are tricky; many are weird. And it's okay to talk about that, but before I do, I want to make it clear that I didn't like these trends on me. This is not a story to tell you that the six trends ahead are ugly or uncool. They are simply the ones I'm currently passing on.

Ahead, find out which six spring trends I tried and didn't love, in addition to the ones that ended up winning my heart. From my weird affinity for feathers to further proof barrettes can solve all your problems, my selection of go-tos is below, along with my no-gos.

Hated: Bucket Hats
Loved: Barrettes 

The bucket hat is a trend I really wanted to like, and I do like it, just not on me. There are some trends that make you feel like a poser and others that make you feel like yourself, and when it comes to headwear, barrettes ended up being more me than hats. I once read this quote about the hair accessory on Free People's Instagram that really spoke to me, and I think it will speak to you too: "Barrettes are there for you when you need them. Bad hair day? Barrettes. Good hair day? Barrettes. Need a pick-me-up but don't want to drop a fortune? Barrettes."

Hated: Fringe
Loved: Feathers

To me, feathers aren't just a trend. They are a wardrobe essential. But fringe on the other hand? It's something I can't really lean into. While I have been tempted to buy this Ganni fringe leather jacket for a while now, I have a feeling it's one of those things I'll eventually get sick of. But feathers on the other hand? Those will always be my number one. 

I tried with neon. I really did. But every time I put something neon on, I felt like I was trying way too hard. Even if said neon item was a simple T-shirt, I always ended up feeling like it was way too much. I've replaced it with a monochrome look on more than one occasion, which allows me to wear color in a way that is striking but still me. 

Hated: '80s
Loved: Tie-Dye

The resurgence of all things '80s, including acid-wash denim, massive shoulder pads, and ruched minidresses, is cool and all, but I personally feel like I'm wearing a costume when I participate. Tie-dye, while not related to the '80s at all (more '70s actually, which is quite a nice comparison now that I think about it), is more my speed. A cool and different pattern often taking the form of a T-shirt or sweatshirt? I live for that. 

Hated: Track Shorts
Loved: Skirt Suits

I wrote a whole story about track shorts and their climb to the top of the trend ladder, bought a pair, and could not get the styling down for the life of me. I copied influencers, came up with my own looks, but in the end, it always ended up looking like I was only half-dressed or something. If you have any tips for me, please hit me up, but for now, I'll be whizzing through life wearing my new favorite trend: skirt suits. The pairing allows you to get ready in a flash with little to no thought. 

Last but not least, I am here to make a case for white tights. During NYFW, I really wanted to test out this trend and was a little nervous about it, if I'm being honest. Much to my surprise, these tights made me feel like a million bucks. Colored leggings on the other hand? Loathe. No matter what shade I opted for, I felt that they were unflattering to my body and overwhelmed my look, whereas white tights made everything look just right.